Daydream Believer

One thing I have learned about myself is that I am not a daydreamer. With that being said.

I used to think that the really talented authors, Patricia Cornwell, Anne Rice, Benjamin Wallace, to name a few, must sit around all day and daydream about their next book. Then I started to learn about how to be a writer and picked up some helpful tricks of the trade.

Really great writers I’ve learned, do not sit on the couch all day or keep their eyes focused on a computer screen alone, they go out and live life and pick up inspiration from living.

The book I’m writing now chose me as its author. That may sound weird but it’s true.

One helpful piece of advice I learned from learning how to be a writer was to write about what you know. So, the first few revisions I did for my really groovy Zombie book ended up being a total bust and you may be able to guess why. If you guessed that the book bust because she doesn’t know squat about Zombies, you would be just about right.

I do however know about dead things, people mostly, it’s the nature of the job I did for thirty years. That’s where this current book I’m writing comes in. She chose me to write her because I’ve experienced some life, and my imagination is all over the place with so many crazy things.

If you asked yourself “how does she know about murder?”

I’ll just leave that there. 🤪

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