Add character to my character.

In life I am my own main character. Easy enough to share myself with my new friend, right? Well, yes and no.

If I had to put me in a book I swear I’d never finish writing all the stuff that consist of me. And, I’d never get the story written because there is constant sub plots to every bit of my being.

As for my main character in my book I was trying to tell my new friend about her and I swear I couldn’t verbalize her story fast enough. It was like my MC is a this, and then she’s that, and now she’s a murderer because of another thing. Through all that I learned that there is more to her than meets the eye.

I think what I did there by trying to explain my MC to my friend and at the same time explain myself to my friend I was surface surfing my character building. Now I want to hit the keyboard and add some more character to my character.

Finally, I just blew some fairy dust in my friends face and ran away. I heard that somewhere and decided to try it. It works.

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