Tuck my tail and go home.

Sometimes in life you just have to take the smack down that life’s situations give you.

Take writing for example. You may start with the grand idea of being a rock star and writing that first novel.

You can count every word right up to the moment you reach that number you needed to reach before you can apply for novelship.

However, on the way to noveldom you come up short on several thousand words and just like a landlord if you are short on your rent, you get knocked out of your apartment or knocked back to say, a novella instead of the novel.

No worries though. Here is where life slaps the hell out of you and you surrender the struggle to noveldom or you get back on that pony and write.

That’s if you enjoy writing while you’re on your pony.

Either way, what ever life hands you do something so cliche that it makes you vomit lemons and lemonade.

The End


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