Figuring it out.

Thank goodness for shows like The Walking Dead or I wouldn’t have blog time.

Furthermore, how, after all these years of growing their own food and barely getting by does one of the characters have a twizzler to chew on?

Now that’s keeping it real.

Speaking of writing, my whole purpose here to start with.

I, by no stretch of the imagination have the soul of a writer but I do have the spirit of one, and I want to be a writer because I have a lot of cool story ideas. With that being said, I am the type of, author wanna be, that must learn to write. It doesn’t come natural for me. I wish!

I have found on my learning journey so far, that there are many fabulous writers with some great advice on how to write. So I learn, and I learn, and I learn.

And off I go into the wild world of, teach me everything you know so I too can be a writer and an author someday.

Now, I’m up against a wall when I say this. I’m sensing a lot of contradicting information on how to be all I can be.

No worries though, that’s just more for me to learn.

So, here’s to all you fabulous writers teaching other writers like me to be a good writer.

Thank you and keep on rocking it out.

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