Old friends

And by that I don’t mean age.

Recently I met up with people that were my close friends many years ago, almost twenty five years ago more specifically.

First we found each other on Facebook then we got together and grilled burgers and dogs.

Time has changed us on the outside but man on the inside they are still the caring and most loving people I can ever know, then, and now.

It was like how I imagine a family reunion should go. Lots of hugs and chatter about the old days and the new days.

We were so young, of course, back in the day. Each one of our lives head in other direction and we’ve made our mark and learned who we are and are all friends again sharing our life experiences.

Some seasons will always be a warm day in summer with just enough breeze to remain comfortable. I can not be happier for this day with my new, old friends.

I say don’t be afraid, pick up that keyboard and find someone you used to know that you would love to know again.

My heart is bursting with happiness because I stepped up and took that chance.

Go ahead and do it.

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