The night of the nightmare

I have sleep paralysis, oh yeah, it’s real. In life, if there are things you personally haven’t experienced it doesn’t make it not real. As a matter of fact, count yourself lucky.

This shit is too real. The scary part of night terrors is knowing you’re having one but no way in hell can you get out of it. It only takes how ever much time it takes to recognize the terror and then the amount of time to claw your way out of it is like a mystery to me.

While the terror is happening you are fighting with all of your might to get out of it. I usually at one point how to get away from it. Fortunately though there is nothing there trying to get me at least nothing I can see, however.

I am kicking, screaming, biting, and clawing myself awake and my own wife lying next to me has no idea what’s happening because in that phase of the terror I call relentless…is just that, relentless. No one can hear your screams of terror because no sound is coming from your mouth even though you are using all of your might. No one can feel your thrashing because it’s all in my mind and my terrors are selfish little bastard that love to watch me struggle.

This brain is a sadist…

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