Pleasantly Fleshy…

So, I’m listening to an audible book Gilded Needles by Michael McDowell, when a proper English lady described the appearance of a man friend as “pleasantly fleshy.”

This description will be my new, and kinder way of describing my baby weight, yes, baby weight. No, I have not born such a thing as a baby, no maternal instincts here, however. I do so love my Nieces and Nephews and want to eat them up but when it comes to birthing one of those I was absolutely not interested and leave that rigorous job to others.

My baby clock bongy thingy was not imbedded in me. Thank all the gods for that…

I have helped deliver many of those buggers though and fail to see the miracle until it cry’s gets a bath and is swaddled for comfort. Other than that, yuck! Let me tell ya…

Here I go, off course again.

My attention span is why I will always be a faithful member of the #turtlewriters I am not required to keep up with anyone else and there are more poor attention span folks like me out there…LOL

I am pleasantly fleshy, I love it! I play golf and I travel, I walk around with the dogs.

No body shaming here. We women are so hard on ourselves.

I wonder if Michael McDowell, author of the book I’m listening to,has a wife, daughters, large women or man friends whom are pleasantly fleshy, because he really couldn’t have been any kinder in his description.

Thanks Michael

2 thoughts on “Pleasantly Fleshy…

  1. I am loving the layout of your blog 🙂

    Always nice to meet another woman who is happy being child-free 😀 and I am loving the term pleasantly fleshy


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