My thumb made me do it…

Ok, so we are traveling by RV in the great midwest, I think. Is Colorado in the Midwest? BRB I need to check. Nope! You map picture takers need to get together and decided if it’s a midwestern state or not because some of y’all are saying it is and others are saying it’s not.

No matter. Let us just say it is for the sake of the story. Dang, I’ve already forgotten what I want to tell you about. Colorado is beautiful, way up in the mountains is cold, reefer is in abundance, which would be great if I smoked 😉.

About the cold up in the mountains. Did I mention the temp went from 88* to 31* in 4.5 miles? I suppose that is really great for the colorodians, however. Being a native of Ft.Lauderdale, Fl. and now living in the swamps of Louisiana, it was an arctic blast to my system. I managed to get out of the car for thirty seconds then right back in I went. Side note: I do not like the cold nor the heat…LOL

I was impressed by the beauty of the mountains especially while we were coming down it, in the rain, and the sleet, and right on the edge.🥶

Now, I like pictures of things, I really do, but when people take pictures of the same mountains from every possible angle available I must draw the line right there. The Colorodians however are pleased that you love the mountains as much as they do, as if they created them themselves. My advice is to use your cellphone to take as many pictures of every thing you can, and when you get home…Warm up your thumb for some profound, delete, delete, delete… hehehe…

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