I think for me if I do something that keeps my brain occupied I have accomplished something.

Speaking about keeping a pig for a pet. I’m sure I would never.

What about allowing a goat to live in your house with you? Nope, not gonna do that either.

Back to accomplishing something. Go to bed early wake up when you want, and, or, keep going to bed after midnight and sleep until you want to wake up?

That’s like pissing the day away. I’ve realized that I am not designed to keep myself occupied all day, I am meant to just fuck off and chill. Nothing wrong with that. For real.

Music and Seroquel are my life. I don’t even mind. Here is a warning though; do not mess with my meds. Hehe…

TV is boring I put too much into it and have too many expectations.

Back to my show…🙄🤪


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