Family Matters

The matter of family is the matter we carry around for them. Am I right?

Me personally, I have been so fortunate to have family that I have never known, hardly known, and know, gather me up, emotionally that is, and assure me that they love me and will be here for me. Even when I became an instant mother to a Nephew when he was only 14 and his mommy and my baby sister was tortured and finally killed by cancer.

Oh my God, I was not mommy material and that shortly became obvious when my Nephew and I mixed like oil and vinegar. We were both in a horrific state of grief to the point of me sending him off to live with another relative…I was no good for him and I was the adult, I didn’t care. I had decided that he was absolutely not the best part of my sister and I had to let him go and vowed we would never speak again; I didn’t care.

Twelve years later he reached out to me. I couldn’t believe it, he had become a beautiful and forgiving man. We didn’t dwell we just shared our lives with each other. He is my family, he is the Matter of family, he matters to me and he always has.

Thank God, for family…


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