Walking beside depression.

Charles Outlaw, was doing a show for his new Podcast. In his interview he tells a story about how he became a funny guy. One day he got to school and while he was sitting in his car, he had a panic attack. After he got himself together he went in and taught class like any other day. After some time he was able to stop teaching and be a funny guy. There is more to his story, during the interview. Check it out. Hang on I’m gonna get to my point, right now.

Listening to Charles interview reminded me of myself and how I got to where I am. I have always lived with depression, like she is my companion. We all have a story to tell and mine would put you to sleep 💤, so I’ll not go there, but I will tell you this. I started thinking about college degrees, I hated college more than anything. But I wanted to be a nurse, I thought, then I wanted to teach literature, not because I cared if kids might enjoy it or not, but because I liked to read. I wanted to teach History because I thought we all should know. But I soon learned that there is truth and there is bullshit, much of what we have been taught is a joke. Now, I got as far as secondary classroom observation when I realized how much I dislike children…go figure. Finally, I became a paramedic. I hated that too, for 30 years and one back surgery later. But that was what paid my bills. Now I’m retired, medically and disabled. And I’m medicated for PTSD, you know, the job I did for 30years, i walked away from every dead man, woman, and child at the end of my shift. So I thought. However, the things I saw I can never unsee, again. I did finally find my passion in life after hating everything before me. I love dogs, and people suck, I’m getting therapy for that…LOL I found a love of golf 🏌️,and I play and restore the drums. I always wanted to play the drums and I’m pretty good for being fifty-something…LOL So now I am well ahead of depression she is no longer my companion. So, thanks for telling your story, Charles Outlaw…🤠


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