Still StIcKiNg to it…

OMG! I mean that.

It’s summer now in North Louisiana.

What that means when you live in the SWAMP OF HELL.

It’s like living with the hounds of hell, it is. Don’t go outside until you have checked the humidity status so you can know if you’ll need snorkel gear to get to your car.

While we’re on the subject of drums. Learning… a little bit of a lot of songs. I have however managed to learn one whole song by heart. Seven Nations Army. Awesome song!!!

And one more little thing has kept me grounded at home.

Heat and humidity have dampened, pun intended, 🤪the priming and painting fun with the set of drums I’m redoing…for now. But C19 has put a stop to traveling for now which gave us the chance to fix a few things on our fifth wheel. Not to mention I broke my back, 😦 Followed by gasping 🤭 from the audience.

What had happen was: we were at an RV park, real pretty setting. I had decided to take a walk down by the water. I started walking down the steps when I looked over at my old man; he’s my boy, my son, my dog. I thought maybe these steps could be hurting his feet so, he being a solid 30lb sack of meat and bones and I the mommy picked him up and proceeded down the steps.

Solid iron steps with some prongy things sticking up so you don’t slip and fall after a swim. Well…one step, two step, three step down I went or should I say, I rolled. Later I found out I went 21 steps down to the ground with my doggo in my arms, I think.

After the fall I wondered, for just a second, it’s amazing how much stuff goes through your head when you wonder, for just a second, am I dead? Where’s my dog? I knew I’d landed in heaven which also made me think I’d get to see my sister. Next thought, my eyes are open and my head was killing me; not heaven yet, dang! After being a medic for thirty years I did a quick assessment on myself. Nothing was broken, check, doggo is fine, he’s looking at me weird, check. Little boy swimming across the lake towards me, I asked him if he were coming for me and he said yes. God, I found out is a little Mexican boy with two sisters, Angels, of course. I was still planted on the ground with my head pounding. They got to me and the little Angels checked me out, after all their mommy was a nurse. Those three children were my Heaven sent heroes.

Unfortunately, I never seen them again 😢. The next day I decided after all the vomiting and pain, I’d go get checked out at the ER. I mean who wants to go to the ER when you feel like shit, am I right? Concussion, I already knew that…LOL and the broken back thing…I’d already had one back surgery five years ago so maybe I bruised my rods…LOL I was already in pain. However, the pain became worse and I made jokes to my spouse about never hurting this bad and “maybe I broke my back…” hahaha, I did. Seven months after the fall I decided to see my orthopedic and now I’m scheduled to see my neurosurgeon. I mean, am I the only one that hates going to the doctor? Just a little ole compression fracture.

Ok, so enough about me and more about drumming. For now the only thing I can do is walk. I do however have the most comfy drumming chair with an extra pillow. I’m sticking to it until it’s decided what to be done with me. The force is strong with me…LOL

I will keep y’all up on my status even though I have no followers. I still have my gathering in my brain.

So, no matter what the hell life hands you, “Stick With It.” No regrets…



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