Sticking to it…

So, I bought a bunch of drums, the ones you play, and I want them to look pretty again.

There is a guy on YouTube that is a master at repainting drums, he is my hero, and he’s not afraid of colors like so many people are. Me, I love colors but lemon/lime green on a drum? Who does that? Eewwww! I wish I could find the pic of that drum. When I do I’ll show y’all. But for now I want to share my experience at recovering some ole drums.

The first drum I’m recovering is a, rack Tom, the lemon lime one. Happens to be a Rack Tom, however it has many names just depends on who is saying it. 🤔

The two little drums above the base.

Middle Tom…
She was the lemon lime one.

The blue you see on her is going to be beautiful, but. In order to be beautiful I first had to sand her, spray primer, sand her again, four coats of primer and a final sanding, finally, paint.

Special note: stay away from acrylic paint no matter how much “but I love the color” you convince yourself that your drum has got to be that color… just stay with water soluble paint. Cleaning your handy little spray gun and having your fingers stripped of their flesh from the lacquer thinner may convince you…

Now take that ole drum and prep her for a new paint job.

Just stick to it…


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