Not today

My Sloth woke up the other morning just beaming with ideas, but then…

I sat down and surrounded myself with all my favorite electronic devices, you know, iPhone in one hand, iPad in the other, and finally, my MacBook in the lap.

I feel like a little chub kid dancing around in a tub of gluttony.

So, instead of diving right in and getting my Sloth’s ideas for a story on the Mac I decided to have a cup of tea with a side of social media. Not a good move at all, not the tea of course, but the opening of a world of gossip, animal abuse, politics, don’t forget religion and just an all around world wide slap in the head with a crap bat.

However good her intentions were when she got me out of bed with an imaginary promise of a morning filled with words…let me just say, never have a Sloth for a mascot.

I was suddenly tired even though I just got out of bed a couple of hours ago. Ok ok, get another cup of tea and make some noise on that keyboard.

Open a document pitter patter around in it for a minute, tap out a word or two and suddenly its frozen. Yep, the program has left the building and now instead of getting my mouse to retrieve it the mouse leaves with the program and I cannot find either of them.

Frozen program + escape mouse= toss the sloth out into the yard and go back to bed.

And that folks, is how I became the Slothy writer.

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