What gives you the right?

I was browsing today through my old messages for an old message I was looking for but instead ran across a conversation between one of my absolute, I thought, best friend and my last conversation from seven months ago. That conversation has been eating at me all day.

All of a sudden my friend, so I thought she was my friend, wouldn’t talk to me on the phone she would text with me only. So, with no explanation she would only text with me but absolutely not talk to me on the phone. Now, this has never happened to me before and I continued to ask her why she would not talk to me. She would not give me an explanation no matter how much I asked her.

Finally out of frustration I told her I deserve an explanation as to why she wouldn’t talk to me on the phone. She kindly told me she owed me nothing. I never told her she owed me anything I just felt that if your best friend doesn’t want to talk to you but will text with you only, that kind of behavior warrants some kind of explanation, am I right? If you said yes you would be correct…LOL But instead of and explanation that would never come… I texted her and kindly told her to fuck off.

She proceeded to tell me this. “I’d think carefully about that. It’s not like you have a ton of friends.” I told her I didn’t have a ton of friends for a reason. And she just became one of those reasons. OUCH! Now she wants to shame me?

Theres a song by Five Man Electrical Band, it’s an oldie called Sign. It’s been running around my head today. One line in particular. “To put up a fence to keep me out or to keep Mother Nature in.” And another line says “Hey! What gives you the right?” There it is in a nice compact explanation.

If I were her I’d regret my behavior because it caused her to lose a best friend. No worries though, no one reads this shit its like journaling to yourself…LOL


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