Blogging with Sharon Stone

Ah, the dreaded blog. A year ago when I started my blog I was scared to death to write anything on it. I was then, and still am, learning to be a writer. So, what was I so afraid of? I couldn’t even tell you now, but I can tell you this.

When I become intimidated about writing on my blog I simply ask myself, and let my self answer.

Myself: What would Sharon Stone do?

Myself: About what, being afraid to write in her blog?

Self: She did write childrens books in the movie Mosaic.

Self: And just like Sharon Stones, writer blog. Nobody red hers either.

The moral of my story is…Do not let Sharon Stone write your blog…

One thought on “Blogging with Sharon Stone

  1. You made me chuckle. Thank you, auntie! I’m pretty sure you always made me at very least, ‘smile’/laugh quietly, and of all my living relatives, without your relying on arrogance of laughing at ones own jokes (solely, like my Dad), you just have a way with words and KNOW you’ll be a SUCCESSFULLY published writer. Need to make sure notifications are turned on for this app so I can read your musings.

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